$150/hour // 2 Hours minimum

Discovery Course: Learn to Wing

Join the winging revolution!

Our introductory course is perfect for anyone curious about learning to wingfoil. This 2-hour session starts on the beach. Gaining an understanding of the wind and learning to identify appropriate conditions for the sport, students focus on essential wing-handling skills. Once comfortable, students take to the water and learn how to wing on a specially modified SUP, practicing riding upwind, downwind, and learning to jibe!

Foil 101: Learn to Foil!

New to hydrofoiling? No problem.

A hydrofoil ( or foil) is the device connected to the bottom of a wingfoil board, used to generate lift to get the board out of the water. The quickest and easiest way to learn how to ride a foil is by being towed behind a boat. Removing the wing from the equation allows the rider to focus entirely on the novel sensation of flight which requires full concentration. Once you're up and flying consistently, we add the wing!

Wingfoil Progression

Combining wing and foil skills

You're riding a foil confidently and have spent time honing your wing handling on land and water. Now comes the fun part - combining the two skills together. As the wing feels more intuitive to use, you can hone your focus on the foil beneath your feet as you liftoff the water and experience the liberating sensation that only wind-powered flight can offer.